Sunday, December 8, 2013

d’ Ox Ville Hotel, Padang

 d’ Ox Ville hotel is a boutique Hotel, traditional modern concept that promotestraditional theme which is presented modernly. The concept is implemented in interior and exterior hotel. The Unique spot gallery such as cart, waterwheel, prohibited fish, dance statue art work and so on. These Uniquenessmake d Ox Ville different from the others.

Beside d’ Ox ville gives cool nuance, quiet, and peaceful. It is also located in the city centre of tourism such as old town, Padang Beach, Siti Nurbaya Bridge, Mount Padang, air Manis Beach, Culinary Centre, shopping mall like plaza Andalas and so on.
Homey nuance can be felt in hospitality, smile, energetic and super solid staffs in giving brilliant service so that the guests can feel comfortable like his/her own home.


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Jln.Kampung Sebelah No.28 Padang - Sumatra Barat, Indonesia

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